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“If you wish to make a Stardust Sticker from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” -Carl Sagan, probably


Our Star Dust vinyl is like it has been blessed by a fairy. Beautiful, reactive rainbows that pack a punch. Deep, rich colors look especially wonderful on this material!
Take your pick of Little or Big Star Dust.


Tips & Tricks

Star Dust stickers come with a white ink layer; this allows us to pick and choose which parts of your artwork are Star Dust. Since this material type is particularly chaotic (but in a good way ), we will create a white ink layer that will work best with the colors in your artwork plus this material type! Our trained sticker eyes will create you something beautiful

(One design per line item)
Getting the best results:
Keep your art high res. Don't scale it down!
Max file size is 20 MB
We take jpeg, pdf, png
Glitter Grain


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21 reviews for Stardust Stickers

  1. whatsup

    Always amazing!


    My favorite sticker ever.

  3. galaxygalgraphics

    My favorite! So eye catching and the Sticker Ninja team is always a pleasure to work with to ensure my designs look their best!

  4. jessicamcrory

    The stardust sparkle in these stickers is next level beautiful!! I made a big 4″ sticker with this material and it is easily my favorite sticker I have made yet!
    ~Jessica McRory

  5. katandcompany

    My stardust stickers bring an especially sweet joy to my heart whenever I look at them. So cheesy yet true!

  6. vashexe

    Love this vinyl. Nice quality stickers and the little dust looks so good! Very happy with this and will definitely be ordering more of my other designs.

  7. asheleyk13

    Both versions of Stardust are absolutely incredible! You wont regret choosing this material for your sticker needs

  8. michellecoffee

    Hands down my favorite sticker finish EVER! Not to mention, the amazing customer service & supporting a company that’s committed to social justice – that’s a HUGE plus for me!

  9. AkeemWayne

    The Stardust Stickers are just amazing and the quality is superb!

  10. Morganjacquescftc

    Absolutely gorgeous stickers

  11. canisminorart

    I love these stickers! The glitter factor is off the charts , and I love how it works with the colors in your design. Being able to do areas of glitter and non-glitter adds an extra dimension of creativity too. They sparkle just as much as the charming and helpful crew at Sticker Ninja 🙂

  12. tolentinobeah

    I ordered the small dust sticker and it did not disappoint! It adds a touch of magic to my sticker design 🙂

  13. lilimeiffren

    These are so fun! They really brought my designs to life. I absolutely love them and will keep repurchasing!

  14. Allenolantern

    INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely the best glitter stickers I have ever had printed and I have worked with many printers far and wide. Stickerninja always goes above and beyond and really does make quality products. I will always order my specialty stickers through them!

  15. diosa.arts

    I ordered the big dust for some lowrider art I made and the stickers came out so amazing!!! I love how they look!! At first, I wasn’t sure if the glitter would look good on my art but it absolutely does! and would honestly look amazing on any art! I HIGHLY recommend this style of the sticker! They also got the proof sent to me pretty fast!

  16. wldvlt

    The small dust came out so perfect on my design and are absolutely stunning! Super high quality!

  17. Mariam El-Haj

    Have ordered stickers with this type of effect more than once and it always comes out amazing! They do a wonderful job

  18. lauraronayne

    I’ve ordered both the big dust and the small dust options and both are amazing!! I love how they sparkle in the sunlight 😭❤️ They are amazing quality and the print quality is SO CLEAN and SO CRISP. Highly recommend! Thank you Sticker Ninja!

  19. Mariam El-Haj

    Probably my favorite. Probably everyone’s favorite. I love this effect so much and want to use it on every sticker design idea I have!

  20. salemoregontigers

    Love my stickers!!

  21. Mariam El-Haj

    The quality is always incredible and I think this just might be my favorite material. Especially the small stardust.

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