Prism Party Stickers

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You are invited to the ultimate party, the Prism Party! It’s like holographic, but with an added layer of **chaos**! It’s like little rainbow shards partying around in your artwork.

Deep, rich colors look especially wonderful on this material!

White Ink Layer

Prism Party stickers come with a white ink layer; this allows us to pick and choose which parts of your artwork are Prism Party. Since this material type is particularly chaotic (but in a good way ), we will create a white ink layer that will work best with the colors in your artwork plus this material type! Our trained sticker eyes will create you something beautiful 

(One design per line item)
Getting the best results:
Keep your art high res. Don't scale it down!
Max file size is 20 MB
We take jpeg, pdf, png

Looks like you selected a sticker that requires white ink layer. We need a little more information from ya.

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3 reviews for Prism Party Stickers

  1. pinapberry

    These came out even better than I expected!! I really love how each one was unique due to the way the material is, and I found myself picking out a few that I really liked because of the way they sparkled. Really lovely material, it almost reminds me of scales, and I just cant get enough pictures of my stickers! Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much for printing these! <3

  2. jessicamcrory

    This material is so magical and works so well with mixed opaque/pure material designs! My favorite holographic sticker I have. 🙂
    ~Jessica McRory

  3. heytort

    I love the chaotic energy of the prisms – it’s such a fun look to contrast against with the white ink layer. Absolutely one of my favorite materials!

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