Glow in the Dark

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We searched high and low for the ultimate GITD material. This vinyl stays bright af, and will glow long throughout the night!

Tips & Tricks

**Please read** This material type will glow the brightest in the white areas of your artwork. Everything else will be varying degrees of glow, with a rich black completely blocking the effect. We do not suggest printing artwork with no white on this material type, as it would be a waste!

  • One design per line item
  • We add cutlines on our end ♡
  • A digital proof will be sent!
Getting the best results:
Keep your art high res. Don't scale it down!
Max file size is 20 MB
We take jpeg, pdf, png
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15 reviews for Glow in the Dark

  1. Studio1018

    These glow SO BRIGHT!!!!!! great quality, I like that you can print other colors, not just black and white. My G.I.T.D. stickers from Sticker Ninja have been very well received by my customers, I have to keep re-ordering them!

  2. pinapberry

    StickerNinja’s glow-in-the-dark seriously the best! They glow super bright after just minimal charging, and are excellent quality! Very durable!

  3. lauraewiseman

    My glow in the dark stickers look AMAZING! They take only a minute or two of activation time in the sunlight or UV light to glow SO brightly. So impressed with the quality and the finish of these and my customers love them already! Can’t wait to make more glowing stickers.

  4. daveycadaver

    Best glow in the dark stickers I have ever seen in my life… and I’ve seen a lot.
    -Davey Cadaver

  5. lauraewiseman

    I literally GASPED when I turned out the lights and my stickers were beaming so brightly! I immediately stuck one on my water bottle by my nightstand because I am sick and tired of slapping my nightstand in search for that sweet night water hydration. You could use these as an alien homing device they’re so bright… for real! The finish is beautiful and the black ink on my design is rich and true. If I get abducted by aliens it’s because i set out my stickers in an SOS signal on the ground and they beamed me up. Thank you Sticker Ninja for the sweet stickers that my customers are obsessed over, and thank you in advance for the potential alien abduction xx

  6. pako100pako

    These are some of the best GITD stickers I’ve ever seen, definitely recommend to anyone looking to make these type. Glue of the sticker is great too, haven’t gotten an issue yet.

  7. jessicamcrory

    The most beautiful glow stickers!! They’re one of the top sellers in my site because they are so magical. <3
    ~Jessica McRory

  8. redlumlehcar

    I LOVE these stickers – I also have to keep re-ordering them to keep them in stock! Several friends have reported being delightfully frightened by their bright glow when they forget the stickers are in the room LOL. But seriously SO BRIGHT and so beautiful and long-lasting. Thank you Sticker Ninja!

  9. righteousdyes

    The quality of the sticker is amazing and the glow feature is SUPER RAD and surprisingly bright!! 10/10 Will be ordering more soon (:

  10. canisminorart

    Um, wow. I had to come leave a glowing review because these stickers are SO bright I should keep some on hand in case of power outages.

  11. munozleeandra

    Amazing quality. These are probably the coolest stickers you can get, they GLOW. Throw your best black and white design on these, you won’t regret it

  12. Mariam El-Haj

    Such a COOL material. I’ve used this to make two stickers (and plan to make many more!) and have purchased stickers from other artists using Sticker Ninja with this effect and the quality is always out of this world. The glow is soooo intensely bright and is very much worth the price point. Even areas printed on will glow depending on how deep the color saturation/hue is there!

  13. Mariam El-Haj

    Incredible quality. Seriously. I plan to order many more Glow in the dark stickers!

  14. Johnny Felix


  15. tothestarzz1024

    Shine super-duper bright and photograph well even in the dark as a result!

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