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Do you want your artwork turned into something fancy but don’t want to have to make a decision? We’ll pick for ya! Let our trained sticker eye decide which of our specialty vinyls would work look best with your artwork.

Vinyl Types

Your artwork will be printed on one of the six specialty vinyls we offer in the Shiny section. We’re pretty talented on knowing which vinyl would pair best with your artwork! The proof will reflect which material type you will be getting 💕 If there’s a vinyl type you would prefer not to have used, please mention in the Print Notes!

Please note that when choosing this option, that while technically we can switch to a different material type during the Proofing process, keep in mind that we are humans who do each and every white ink layer by hand! Switching to a different material type means we will have to re-do the white ink layer to accommodate a different material type. We’re a small business so please stay mindful when selecting this option 🙂

  • One design per line item
  • We add cutlines on our end ♡
  • A digital proof will be sent!
Getting the best results:
Keep your art high res. Don't scale it down!
Max file size is 20 MB
We take jpeg, pdf, png

Looks like you selected a sticker that requires white ink layer. We need a little more information from ya.

Custom Size

Preset Size


9 reviews for Choose for Me!

  1. Mariam El-Haj

    They always choose the best options!! This is my favorite choice when I’m on the fence or want to be surprised about a design because SN has a great eye for which holo effect will look great with my artwork :3

  2. Mariam El-Haj

    I’m back again to say this is my favorite choice when I’m on the fence. They do a great job of communicating which material they think will fit my artwork best!

  3. Mariam El-Haj

    Yes, I choose this option a lot. Yes, it’s an ideal choice if you’re undecided haha!

  4. RedLilly Designing Studios

    These stickers turned fantastic! I was on the fence over which effect I wanted for my design, and the Sticker Ninja team did a great job picking for me. They have a great eye for just where to add the effects and where not to, as well, so that the effect isn’t too much. Definitely will be ordering again.

  5. RedLilly Designing Studios

    As always, I am delighted with the results of my stickers! I told the Sticker Ninja team to “go wild” and they delivered in an amazing way! Everything is just perfect, as always!

  6. Jenna Bundalian

    There are no words in the English language to describe how happy I am with my order, no exaggeration! This was my first time ordering stickers and the good people over at Sticker Ninja made the process super easy. If you’re looking for a place to get stickers printed, don’t order from anywhere else but here!! You’ll be supporting a fantastic small business too! 😀

  7. Mariam El-Haj

    Sticker Ninja never disappoints. They are quite literally my favorite small business!

  8. Rivver Storms

    The responsiveness of the team is great and the stickers are incredible!

  9. rukaXtora

    This was my first time ordering stickers with Sticker Ninja and I’m so happy with the final product~! I let the SN team choose my sparkles for me, and it just made my design pop! Their process is super easy, they have great prices, and I love the freebies that came with my order~! Sticker Ninja’s my go-to for all my stickers now~!

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