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Wokecade: a big sticker adventure!

This is a tale about an arcade machine getting a new look! We’ve had an arcade machine that badly needed a new look, so badly that we don’t actually have any “before” photos.

We teamed up with one of our favorite artists, Wokeface, to create some honkin’ big stickers for the machine! Check out the finished piece below! This was such a fun project and not something we normally get to do.

Background mural by @Eyedrawp


The arcade machine holds over 800 games, it’s got something for everyone!


Justin of Sticker Ninja & Wokeface <3


Back lit color morphing vinyl with a black decal!

Interested in playing the Wokecade? If you pick up your stickers at our Portland location, ask us about it and we’ll show ya 😉



Photography by Elena Escobedo Photography.