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QR Codes!

QR codes are a wonderful way to easily share a website link! There’s plenty of websites where you easily generate a code and we often see artwork come through with a code as part of the artwork. Because the code is something that a phone’s camera will need to scan, we need to make sure it’s big enough once it prints out! Otherwise the code won’t work, and that’s just sad :’)

We’ve tested QR code heights to see how small we can go, and a code size of .3x.3″ is the smallest we can go with the codes still working! Like everything else we print, it will need to be a minimum of 300 DPI 🙂

QR codes work best if they are on a white background! 

Hope this information helps! Our trusty prepress folks will reach out if we notice your QR code being smaller than .3″! ♡