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Printing Greens!

Let’s talk about printing greens!

Green colors in your artwork (and especially neons!) will print out somewhat different than intended than most other colors.

When there are colors that are both super vivid and super bright (neons and pastels), they are most likely going to shift in print. This is because there has to be more colored pigment added in order to get it vibrant. The more colored pigment that has to be added, the darker it gets! Because of that, neon green colors especially are going to go through the biggest shift from screen to print, and trend towards printing darker and less saturated than they appear on screen.

Please note, printing actual neon colors is only possible with specialized printers! Neon colors can only be achieved with neon ink cartridges.

**If you’re nervous about how your colors will print out, we always recommend ordering a sample run!**

Please note, that due to the nature of the print world, it’s very likely your colors will appear different once printed then how they do on the screen! Going with a sample run to test colors will best ensure you know what you’re getting, if you need to be particular about colors 🙂

Here’s some swatch examples to compare greens to each other on-screen (RGB Format) and on our Matte & Glossy options! ^-^

On-Screen Colors (RGB Format):

This is the digital version of the artwork! This is what you will see on your monitor.

On-Screen Colors (RGB Format)


Printed out and Laminated with a Matte Laminate:

This version has been printed out and can be compared to the digital version above.
Please note that the matte laminate also changes how the colors are perceived! Compare with both the digital version, as well as the glossy laminated version below.

Laminated with Matte (Printer's CMYK Conversions)

Printed out and Laminated with a Glossy Laminate:

Here is the printed out, glossy laminated version!

Laminated with Glossy (Printer's CMYK Conversions)


We hope these examples offer guidance on what to expect with printing greens!