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Kiss Cut vs Die Cut

What’s the difference between a “kiss cut” vs a “die cut”?


Great question! In the sticker world stickers can either can be kiss or die cut- or we even offer a hybrid of both!


Die cuts refers to when the cut of the sticker goes through both the sticker and the removable backing. Any shape can be a die cut! We suggest going die cut when you’re looking to sell your stickers, or want a more professional look- the presentation looks much more clean! We especially love doing contour die cut stickers of the unique shape variety. Want a super custom cutline shape? We can do it!


Kiss cut stickers are when the cut of the sticker “kisses” the surface leaving the backing uncut. The blade pressure is calibrated perfectly to only pierce the top layer of laminate and vinyl! These are then broken down into square or rectangle shaped end products. The kiss cut can still be any shape you want! The sticker will peel away from the square backing leaving behind “waste space”. This is a cheaper alternative for those looking to make slaps, or promotional marketing products. One of the best parts about kiss cuts is the ability to utilize the waste space for added information that may not be attractive on the sticker itself. We love this feature and if you need help setting this up, please ask our knowledgeable crew!


The use of waste space can even go one step further which is a combination of both kiss cut and die cut stickers that we refer to as a “hybrid” cut. Why choose just a kiss cut or a die cut when you can have the best of both worlds? Here at Sticker Ninja we have developed methods that allow us to create a die cut sticker with a kiss cutline inside of it that we refer to as a “hybrid” cut. We use these to make our signature business cards! Utilize all the waste space of a sticker, with the professional look of a die cut. It’s truly the best of both worlds!