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Full Bleed vs White Border

What’s the difference between a full bleed and white border?


Most artwork we receive has the option of either having a full bleed or a white border around the artwork.



Left: Full Bleed  |  Right: White Border


Artwork for print and cut has three main areas: the Safety Area, Cut Line, and the Bleed.

The main part of your sticker artwork should be in the Safety Area, followed by 1/8″ Safety Margin for the Cut Lines, and the Bleed area that extends out passed the Cut Lines.





Why the Bleed?

Having the artwork extend out passed the Cut Lines helps with any cutting discrepancies when your stickers head to the cutter. It helps ensure that your sticker will be a full bleed and no white vinyl will be showing.


Why the Safety Margin?

The Safety Margin helps with any cutting discrepancies. We automatically add an 1/8″ Safety Margin to your artwork.  If you’re adding your own cutlines, please include that 1/8″ Safety Margin!



Images that don’t work with Full Bleeds


Not all images work with a Full Bleed and will require a white border. Artwork that is too complex, and was not designed with a bleed in mind, will require a white border.




Complex Images with a Full Bleed


To create a full bleed with these images, part of the artwork was cut into for the bleed. Notice that the text and main artwork are still in the Safety Area.




We hope that breaks down the differences between a full bleed and a white border!


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