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Coronavirus and Sticker Ninja

Updated: 4/14

*We will be out of the shop on Friday, April 17th to take a much needed self care day! We have been grinding hard for the last month, and need a day to ourselves <3 Production will resume the following Monday*


Hello sticker friends! Elena here to give you a quick blog post from Sticker Ninja in regards to the world slowing down in response to the Coronavirus affecting us all.


First of all, we are still producing your stickers! Thankfully we live right above the shop and have been isolating ourselves from other people since 3/12. It’s like the old days where it was just Justin and I running the shop! Currently we are taking the situation day by day.


Second, we are taking the most serious precautions of keeping us healthy- we have been actively spraying down any packages that come into the shop, we are closed to the public, we have been quarantined away from other people since 3/12. This is a very critical time to keep people being healthy, and we are not taking any risks. We will be taking these measures until the situation changes.


Third, THANK YOU, for supporting our business during this time. We are directly effected by the economy taking such a big hit. We as a company are also putting our money back into the local economy, which currently has, and will continue, to be greatly affected by these events. We will be buying gift cards from local businesses that need our help, and hosting giveaways on our Instagram. If you have any power to support small businesses, please consider doing so. This is a very scary time for a lot of people, and we need to help one another. Our heart goes out to everyone who has been financially affected by these events. We are helping where we can.

We have a special coupon code during this time for saving 10% on your order, if you are struggling as well. Please use “strongertogether10” during check out <3


These are the moments where we as humans can choose to shine. Take care of each other, take care of yourself. We appreciate you.


Sticker Ninja