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All About Sticker Sheets!

Sticker sheets are a fun and easy way to share your art all in once place!

Let’s take a walk through the wonderful world of sticker sheets!

How to design for sticker sheets

-Draw out your art how you’d like to see it printed.

-Don’t worry about cutlines, we can take care of that!

-Want a full bleed of white/any other color? Extend the white out passed your image 1/4″ of the way. This gives us room for the 1/8″ safety trim for the cutlines and then a little bit extra to make it a full bleed.

Notice the artwork on the left includes the white bleed, while the art on the right does not. Both are very much acceptable!

Artist | Left: doodlesweatercat | Right: wokeface

-Get creative with the background! Add your name, your Instagram handle, stars, clouds, whatever! You have every last square inch to add colors and fun shapes, utilize it. Worried about where the cutlines will be? We can typically guess with 99.9% accuracy where you want the cutlines, but let us know in the notes! You are welcome to decline the proof if something is wrong!


Can you design my sticker sheet for me?

Yes and no. If you’re not particular about where the placement of the stickers are, we can fulfill sticker sheet designs. This is typically people who are using the sheets for a more utilitarian approach, like stickers for labeling products. If you’re someone who is particular about placement, we ask that you send us a print ready graphic.

We love sticker sheets! One of our most popular products, they’re a unique way to share you art with the world! Visit our sticker sheets product page to order today!