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About Us

The top mission of Sticker Ninja is to make the best stickers ever!! Our passion for stickers stems from our childhood of collecting, trading, and hoarding (albeit nicely in binders) loads and loads of stickers. Our drive to make stickers that don’t rub off, don’t fade in the sun, and are waterproof comes from our time spent out at festivals, where rough terrains quickly break down any sticker that isn’t up to the challenge of those environments. Nothing is sadder than seeing a rubbed off sticker, where only a white piece of vinyl remains on your special water bottle.

Not only did these festivals inspire our passion for hardy stickers, but they ignited our souls for appreciating interactive art, leadership, working as a team, and the drive to make the world a nicer place by seeing how it can be if we all set our intentions towards a common goal. Burning Man is one of those events that has shaped the way we do business and the 10 Principles is something we keep in our minds as we do the capitalistic dance of doing business in America. We believe that maybe there’s a better way to do capitalism, and part of our mission is finding out what that looks like.

A large belief we have at Sticker Ninja is helping artists spread their art out in the world. We are at a beautiful time in history where stickers even exist and a point in time where individual humans can easily make art and spread it all over the world. We keep our lower quantity pricing low, so artists who are still testing the waters in the artworld, can more easily afford buying quality stickers. We know how scary it can be to invest a lot of money into something like stickers, when it may be hard to justify working something like that into your budget. It feels good to turn your artwork into a sticker that you can share with friends, and we hope to make that experience attainable for all!

Our biggest want and drive for Sticker Ninja is to use our voice to better the world. We have raised money by connecting with artists in putting together stickers packs with all proceeds going towards charity organizations. We raised over $1300 to donate towards the Amazon being on fire in September 2019. We have brought people together to help with a trash clean up day in Portland. We partake in community outreach programs with the hopes to better our community. We invest in the LBGT+ community, POC, and try to help when we can. We want to take the profits we make from Sticker Ninja and send them back out into our community. A stronger community helps everyone. We are passionate about people and the environment and making a better future for those who are following us.

We know you can get your stickers from so many different sticker companies on the internet. But holy moly, it’s truly an honor getting to do what we do, and being supported by people like you. At the end of the day, every day, we are a bunch of humans trying our hardest and we appreciate the support so much. We hope you resonate with our mission statement, and what we are trying to accomplish in this world.