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2021 Recap!


Hello friends!! as springtime smells fill the air, I’ve been reflecting on the past year of sticker ninja 💕 personally, springtime is the beginning of the year/cycle (having a new year start in the dead of winter is a system of oppression af 😒 and that’s coming from a capricorn lol) and it’s a great time for reflecting! I think it’s so important to share our growth recaps with y’all, since soooo many of y’all invest your hard earned money with us!! I know talking about money can feel weird, but I like to see money as an energy exchange and this is the amount of energy we are putting back into the world through human beings on our team 💕 We are very passionate about the people we hire and invest time into cultivating a team that is reflective of our values.

In the 2021 we invested $462,000 on payroll!! like excuse me??? back in 2017 it was literally just 2 people making everything happen at sticker ninja and now the team has grown to 16 people. sometimes it’s hard to reflect on where we’ve come in the last 5 years, because we be in the THICK of it a lot (running a biz is hard 😩) but when i stop to look back, my heart friggin swells and i feel so proud of how far we’ve come. we’re like… just normal-ass people who managed to have this amazing business producing stickers, have a wonderful team, and are so supported by amazing people? 🥺

We are literally where we are because of everyone who supports us. I know we are “just” printing stickers, but y’all could go anywhere and y’all choose us. I wish I had fancier words to express my gratitude. In a time where capitalism feels very gross, and times are turbulent, my hope is that the way we run a business will somehow echo into the future. sincerely, thank you for the support, especially during 2020 when we had no idea where we were headed. at the end of this year, we will be moving (again 😂😩) so stay tuned for updates when we learn more!! this spot should be our final home (after having 4 spots in the last 5 years lol) and I can’t wait to help cultivate a new space 💕 here’s to new cycles!!!

sending you all love and gratitude 💜
– elena