Fluorescent Stickers

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Turn your art into bright, neon stickers that react to a black light! Pick from your choice of high cast pink, orange, green, and yellow. This is the only way to get a true neon sticker!

Tips & Tricks

We suggest solid black artwork for this material. While we can print full colored artwork on this material type, the colors may appeared muddled.

Neons are incredibly sensitive to sunlight, best suited for indoors.

(One design per line item)
Getting the best results:
Keep your art high res. Don't scale it down!
Max file size is 20 MB
We take jpeg, pdf, png

Custom Size

Preset Size


1 review for Fluorescent Stickers

  1. Mariam El-Haj

    This material is underrated and so cool! In UV blacklight it literally fluoresces and looks amazing. You can even slightly see it in the dark (not pitch black, but low light) because of how it fluoresces. Neon stickers are super cool and make great statement pieces for any sort of punk or rave art!

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